Quality x Price or Price x Quality?


In the 90 decade, the opening of the external market was marked as a hard blow for many and a great opportunity for others.
In the industries, the ones that had a wider vision of the market, got ready for the globalization investing in the modernization of their production, acquiring last generation machines, of high quality for a better competitiveness and performance in the section.
The result everybody knows, there was a general fall in the industries that didn’t invest in the production, or they acquired machines of inferior quality, and a rising in the ones that made appropriate investments.
In China, a millenar culture already got ready for that in several years, and the result is what we sees today, the almost absolute domain in all the productive segments of the industry.
Still in the past, the chinese sinned for the quality of their products, and they had a difficult acceptation in the world market, and they discovered that in spite of they possess machines and similar equipments of their rivals, the quality of the equipment reflected in the final production, that was excessively inferior of their rivals, because it was constants stops on the machines, without technical assistance, and when it was, it was done by disqualified professionals.
So one more time they had a step foward, investing in Quality of the Product, what requires a good operational training and Machines and Equipments of Quality, high performance, and that have warranty and commitment of their manufacturers in the case of a breakdown, that their technical assistance was immediate and effective, with qualified professionals for don’t leave the production stopped.
As it happened in China, here in Brazil this still happens in some sections of the industry, because they give up the “Quality x Price”, without a management vision that “NOBODY ACCEPTS ONE MORE INADEQUATE PRODUCT”, that is the resultant of the option “Price x Quality.”
Today every one have to take care, because there is manufacturers of machines and equipments that don’t have any commitment with quality, technical assistance, and with an exclusive concern of doing only one sale, lonking only for profit, offering products of low quality and without making any commitment, provoking a false illusion to the customer that he is making a good “business” only seeing to price, and leaving the quality in second place, the result we already knows which is!
Therefore, the business executive have to be aware that he should invest wisely in your production, acquiring Machines and quality Equipments, of manufacturers that have experience and have commitment, because the market do not accept more mistakes and the cost can be your company.

Source WP Máquinas / Engineer Sanderson Porteiro

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