Tests of quality verification for woven of mesh


In the quality verificantion in woven of mesh, we have different procedures, view to the fragility of the handled material. The revision of the pieces must be made in an appropriate machine of revising woven of mesh. This machine type of revising, also denominated “tribunal”, have as different characteristic the fabric run off with a minimum tension, avoiding your stretching, with the possibility of roll up again or to pile up in skirts, procedure indispensable for a good folding of the mesh fabric.

Like in the plane fabrics, other problems can appear. The mesh fabrics must also, besides the marking or retreat of defects, being tested in case of shrinkage and solidity.

The same technical norms ABNT should be consulted to guide the qualification with the solidity (color loss for several causes), shrinkage and fraying, although in the knitting we have a series of own norms, important, as auxiliary tools, for warranty of quality of the mesh fabric.

Source: Magazine Sews Perfect / Mario Romito


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