Quality Inspection


We can define Quality Inspection (IQ) as:

“It’s one of the Quality Control steps where there is a section or part is inside or outside of established standards, separating the defective parts of the non-defective. The inspection does not prevent the manufacture of defective items, only allows us to separate the good from the bad.”
The inspection task is intended to ensure that the products manufactured are identical to the sample approved by the commercial sector and the QC.
This means that, to do this inspection, we must first be qualified for the job (have a targeted training) and we will use, and careful technical and visual assessments, measuring instruments, consulting fact sheets and individual tables for each model.
Importantly, the classical concept of quality, initially only associated with compliance of specifications, later evolved into the customer satisfaction vision.


Very important to start the Quality Inspection. It seems necessary to mention that this assessment is subject to two basic rules, supported in appearance:

– Perfect Symmetry product, including the measures that can be verified by tracing an imaginary axis that pass exactly in the middle of the piece made.
– Set of Harmony (colors, dimensions and proportions, seams etc.)
If the visual assessment is satisfactory, we can follow for technical assessment, and more time consuming, is loaded with features.


It consists of a detailed search for defects. In this evaluation, consultation of the sheet becomes usual.

1 – From raw materials or processing procedures:

different hues;
dyeing spots;
deformation after washing;
spots after washing;
defective trims;
weaving defects, etc.

2 – From points and seams:

quality of the seams (strength, elasticity, security and appearance);
stitch density (stitches / cm);
irregular seams (Needle holes without trimming, Fallen, reassembled, etc.);

3 – General:

accordance with the tables of measures;
yarn cleaning;

Vale end the matter citing a phrase JMJuran, one of the quality popes: “… For every 4 defects found by the quality control will be found only by another client …”

Source: Magazine Sews Perfect / Mario Romito

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