10 Apr 2015

Quality Inspection

We can define Quality Inspection (IQ) as: “It’s one of the Quality Control steps where there is a section or part is inside or outside of established standards, separating the defective parts of the non-defective. The inspection does not prevent the manufacture of defective items, only allows us to separate the good from the bad.” ... [read more]

10 Apr 2015

Classification of the types of defects

Our work we perform Quality Inspection, is to find defects (non-compliance), to classify them and mostly correct them. We can define Default as: “It’s a non-conformity presented by the product compared to its specifications.” Usually, defects are classified into three categories: – Critical Defects: resulting from a non conformity impossible to solve, which compromises the ... [read more]

10 Apr 2015

Tests of quality verification for woven of mesh

In the quality verificantion in woven of mesh, we have different procedures, view to the fragility of the handled material. The revision of the pieces must be made in an appropriate machine of revising woven of mesh. This machine type of revising, also denominated “tribunal”, have as different characteristic the fabric run off with a ... [read more]