Tests of quality verification for woven plans


There are no best method of quality approval for woven plans, in what concerns the detection of defects, that the revision of the pieces in an appropriate machine. For this, we should use an evaluation method standardized, specified in NBR 13.484: Classification and patterns of control of quality of defects for 100 m². It normalizes the use of the “method of four points” for the revision of plane fabrics, as well as your particularities and tolerances, and the criterion of qualitative classification of the fabric. The current results of the application of that technical norm, since applied correctly, have a legal value even in lawsuits.

However, it is not alone in this aspect that the fabric should be tested. There are other problems that can coming to exist. The plane fabrics must, at least, besides the marking or retreat of defects, being tested in case of fraying, shrinkage and also solidity to the wash.

There are many technical norms ABNT to guide the qualification of the fabric. The one that we should consult are the ones that concern the solidity (color loss for several causes), shrinkage and fraying.

Source: Magazine Sews Perfect / Mario Romito


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