Perfect measure


In our laboratory, we realized a series of tests for calibration of ours Electronic Counters, models CS-10 Exakt, CP-20, CP-20 RS485, CP-12 and also Mechanics, model MT HER.
We uses approved patterns sealers, that operates in high frequency, working in the parameter with a possible margin of error of + – 0,5%.
We recommended that in the period of six months, the counters go to our laboratory to being measured, which we emitted technical reports of calibration traced by VLC-MC.

Be aware to the following observations:

• Follow ABNT NBR 12005 norm (determination of the length of the fabrics) as reference. The results obtained in the counters shouldn’t differ of this procedure.
• Always Verifies the conditions of the steering wheels of the generator, their dimensions and texture. The usage of solvents, cleaners of fabrics and high temperatures, damage the steering wheels causing waste or even dilation of the external diameters, causing reading mistakes.
• Leave free and unobstructed of threads or similar, that can block the good operation of the rollers and of the steering wheels.
• For the cleaning of the rollers and steering wheels, use a humidified cloth, only with water and neutral soap, after this, use a clean cloth humidified with water and let it dry.
• For a perfect metreage, the fabric cannot suffer tensions.
• In a flat or slippy woven, its recommended to use a frequency inverter for soft departures.
• We recommended the use of the roller with poliuretano rubber with bearings, in the base of the generator (series Equipment in our Machines).
• In the end of each measure, consider the module of elasticity in the article.
• Train your operators to follow the same operational pattern of each equipment.
• The perfect metreage of the fabric is made with the three elements: Operator, Accountant and Machine, which will provide the warranty of excellent results.
• Note that there is a margin of tolerance according to ABNT NBR 12005 (determination of tissue length) in the final length of each piece.

In the need of further orientation, speak with us, and we will have the pleasure in assisting you.

Source: WP Máquinas / Engineer Sanderson Porteiro

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