Correct storage of woven


The fabrics that wait to enter in the cut section, must be stored in a correct way, for don’t suffer deformations and, like this, complicate the work of the bender and of the cutter, mainly the mesh fabric, being plot, being warp.
For so it is important to store the fabrics following the rules:
–maintain the fabrics in your respective plastic sacks, until the moment of their use. That attitude should be taken mainly with white woven, that have more risk of getting dirty;
–the fabrics should be stored in an orderly way, protected of the light (at least solar) and in dry place;
–the storage of fabrics can never be done by crossing the rolls, but, yes, always with these side by side, with lateral prop.
When crossed, the rolls deposited in the low part of the pile receives a concentrated weight in the four contact points among them, what generates permanent deformations, causing irreparable future defects.
In the case of mesh fabrics, the cares redouble, because, by the own formation of the point of the mesh, the deformation and their consequences are usually larger and in many times irreversible.
Using the described rules, we will have the following advantages:
–location easier of the fabric in the time of using him/it;
–avoid the mixture of pieces of different references, facilitating the control.

Source: Magazine Sews Perfect / Mario Romito

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