Our company operates in the domestic and international market providing textile machinery, online product manufacturing and execution of special projects according to the needs of each company. Below we describe some items that our company has available to our customers:

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Featured products

máquina inspeção medição acondicionamento tecido

Machine Mod. J-PR

Universal machine for inspection, measuring and conditioning fabric plans, knitwear, Now Woven and TNT. Also you can use the box accessory with removable casters below the rolls resting tissue.

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Carro transportador de tecidos - JD

Transporter car JD

Car used to carry stackable pillow cases.

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Máquina de corte automática de mostruário têxtil - C-AM-EL

Machine Model C-AM-EL

Automatic cutting machine textile showcase, with straight or zig-zag finish, with high performance in the production process. Dimensions 350-550 mm from the cutting table.

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Embaladora rolos de tecidos

Packing model AWX

Automatic packing machine fabric rolls, in high or low density polyethylene film, capable of wrapping rolls up to 500 mm diameter x 2400 mm wide. Weld along its length and its ends by induction with high performance and economy....

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